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Concerts and music

Musical activities in collaboration with the INAEM

  • Commemorative piece of music composed by Salvador Brotons dedicated to the Tercentenary of the BNE, which will be performed in a concert at the Auditorio Nacional.
  • Series of monographic concerts based on the music preserved at the BNE which had previously formed part of the initial core collection of the Biblioteca Real of Felipe V.
  • Concert in honour of the BNE to celebrate the Tercentenary, at the Auditorio Nacional. Orquesta Nacional de España (ONE).
    30 March 2012

Concert on the stairway

December 13, 2011

Concert on the stairway opening with the Marcha Triunfal by Barbieri dedicated to the BNE to mark the laying of the cornerstone of the building (1866). A score of the new edition has been commissioned and the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid band has been asked to perform the piece in the library building.

Further information

Live radio broadcasts

Concerts showcasing our music collections performed before an audience and broadcast live from the BNE, in collaboration with RNE (Radio Clásica).

Emblematic musical works

Commemorative recording of emblematic pieces of music from the BNE collection.

Cataloguing of choir books

Scientific meeting held in collaboration with the Sociedad Española de Musicología to raise awareness among the scientific community of the project to catalogue 16th to 19th century choir books.

In collaboration with the Fundación General de la Universidad de Alcalá.

Haydn's Philharmonic Joke

Computer development with IED of Haydn's Philharmonic Joke.

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