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The book as universe

April / May / June 2012

Series of lectures, the aim of which is to create a space to reflect on books as a source of knowledge and the profound changes the medium has undergone in recent years.

Co-ordinated by Sergio Vila-Sanjuán (Editor-in-Chief of the supplement Culturas de La Vanguardia).

With the participation of Mario Vargas Llosa, María Kodama, Blanca Berasategui, Andrés Trapiello, Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Laura Freixas, Jacobo Siruela, Manuel Rodriguez Rivero and Alberto Manguel.

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Premios Cervantes Meeting

April / May 2012

A seminar will be organised for Premio Cervantes winners during which the authors will read excerpts from their own works alongside portraits of themselves housed at the BNE.

There will also be a virtual exhibition featuring all the portraits of the award winners that are currently on display in the Recoletos branch of the BNE.

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