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Góngora: la estrella inextinguible [Góngora: the undying star]

Portrait of the poet Luís de Góngora y Argote

May / August 2012

This exhibition will enhance visitors' knowledge of the great poet Luis de Góngora, showing his interesting poetic career, which was of vital importance to the evolution of Golden Age Spanish poetry, and the significance of his work for subsequent generations.

The exhibition has been organised by Joaquín Roses, senior lecturer in Spanish and Hispanic Literature at the Universidad de Córdoba.

El libro como...

October 2012

The exhibition will be interactive, based on artists' objects and books from the BNE, the perception of which will be altered and enhanced through sound, music, video images and smell; in this way, sensory experiences are transmitted through books in an attempt to reflect on the future of books as a vehicle for knowledge.

The exhibition has been organised by Magda Polo Pujadas, lecturer from the Department of Art in the Faculty of Geography and History of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Fotografías de Juan Gyenes (1912-1995) [Photographs by Juan Gyenes (1912-1995)]

June - August 2012

Juan Gyenes' camera bore witness to some of the most important political, social and artistic events in Spain in the second half of the 20th century. The archive of Juan Gyenes, perhaps the most important portrait photographer of his time, is held at the BNE and a selection of his work will be exhibited to mark the centenary of the photographer's birth.

The exhibition has been organised by Fernando Olmeda, a journalist specialising in Gyenes and the author of his biography.

Jazz en la Biblioteca Nacional de España [Jazz at the Biblioteca Nacional de España]

September - October 2012

The exhibition will give the public a chance to get to know more about this style of music, which played such an important role in the history of music culture in the 20th century, through a display of the archives held in the BNE's Music and Audiovisual Department.

Exhibition organiser: Jorge García, jazz specialist, author of numerous publications and Head of Documentation at the IVAM.

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