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CommemorativeTercentenary Book

A reference book on the three hundred year history of the BNE, the importance and significance of its collections and its evolution as a key part of Spanish culture.

Co-ordinated by Darío Villanueva (Secretary of the Real Academia Española and professor of Literature at the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela), a number of well-known specialists will be collaborating in each section.

Booked entitled Historia de la BNE para todos [History of the BNE for everyone]

A book-object, unique in both form and substance, that tells the history of the Biblioteca Nacional de España and its collections of prints, manuscripts, sketches, stamps, photographs and other items. It tells the history of both books and publishing, using different types of paper, typesetting methods, engravings, dies, typefaces and binding techniques. Thus, the book-object itself will be a compendium of materials, designs, fonts and typographical processes including digital publishing, as all the content will be stored on the USB to be included at the end of the work.

Catalogue of the exhibition 300 años haciendo historia [300 years making history]

The catalogue published for the exhibition contains pictures of all the works on display with comments by renowned experts in each field. This will be a very carefully produced catalogue, a 'bibliophile edition', given the emblematic nature of the exhibition.

Catalogue of the exhibition Miradas a otros museos [A look at other museums]

A catalogue of the exhibition will be published, featuring all the pieces from the BNE and those of the corresponding museums. A joint catalogue will be published as well as small brochures for each of the museums.

Catalogue of foreign engravers in the Spanish Court during the Baroque period.

Front cover of the publication Catálogo de grabadores extranjeros en la corte española del Barroco [Catalogue of foreign engravers in the Spanish Court during the Baroque period]

Collection of the stamps of foreign engravers who worked in Spain in the 17th century, with in-depth commentary from experts in the history of engraving.

The authors are: María Cruz de Carlos, José Manuel Matilla and Javier Blas.

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