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Colecciones de la Biblioteca Digital Hispánica


La Biblioteca Digital Hispánica dispone entre sus colecciones de una valiosa selección de libros de viajes y exploraciones de los siglos XVIII y XIX.

Se compone de unas 500 obras de autores españoles que dejaron fiel testimonio, en muchas ocasiones espectacularmente ilustrado, de sus experiencias viajeras en todos los continentes, desde California hasta Filipinas. En su momento constituyeron uno de los instrumentos más importantes para el avance científico y el conocimiento de otras culturas y hoy nos proporcionan una sugerente ventana para asomarnos a un capítulo a veces no lo suficientemente valorado de la historia de la literatura y de la ciencia.

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ENCLAVE Editores-BNE is a joint R&D and innovation project between the Federación de Gremios de Editores (the Spanish federation of publishers' guilds) and the BNE to make works subject to authors' rights available to the public. As a wide variety of publishers are taking part, the digital collection holds a broad range of subject matter and languages. From each of the bibliographic files, users can browse through the book and access the sales platform.

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Don Quixote editions

This digital collection is a small sample from the magnificent Cervantes collection at the Biblioteca Nacional. The collection's early days are confused with those of the Biblioteca Nacional itself, when items came to join it from important collections, having been acquired through purchase or donation. It includes the seven editions of Don Quixote that appeared during the first year it was published, the most important 17th century editions, a wealth of translations, major illustrated editions, etc.

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Collection of 18th century architectural and ornamental feature drawings

The BNE assets include a fascinating collection of architectural and ornamental feature drawings dating from the 16th century to the present day. On this occasion, nearly 1,200 18th century architectural and ornamental feature drawings are presented, with a wide range of work by leading architects, including Spanish (Ventura Rodríguez, Isidro Velázquez, Juan de Villanueva, Silvestre Pérez), Italian (G.B. Piranesi, Filippo Juvarra, Galli Bibiena, G.B. Sacchetti, Francisco Sabatini), French (J.F. Blondel), English, Portuguese, Flemish, Dutch, German and Swedish. Their complete digitising, linked to the bibliographic register on the BNE database and to the work of researchers, will enable this valuable collection to be disseminated and accessed.

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This digital collection includes narrations, speeches, descriptions, summaries, programmes, etc. from the biggest traditional community festivals held in Spain, mainly during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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A digital collection has been set up under the title of Magic containing books on very diverse subjects, such as hypnotism, spiritualism, beliefs, natural remedies, etc. The works date mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. They include titles dealing with magic from what could be considered as a playful and entertaining point of view, attampting to serve as guides for magicians to increase and refine their skills. Other works tackle the darker side of what can generically be termed as magic: superstition, witchcraft, etc.

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