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Search tips

General Recommendations

  • Do not use punctuation or diacritic marks, such as apostrophes, inverted commas, etc.
  • Do not use articles, prepositions or conjunctions.
  • Upper and lower case letters, as well as accented and non-accented letters, may be used indiscriminately.
  • Wildcards (indicated by an asterisk) may be used anywhere within a word.
    E.g. psycho* will retrieve psychology, psychoanalysis, psychobiology, etc.
    *cism will retrieve Anglicism, racism, romanticism, etc.
    geo*y will retrieve geology, geography, geometry, etc.
  • Boolean operators and bracketed terms may be used inside the search fields. If operators are not used in a search string consisting of several words, the system will assume that AND is the intended operator inserted between each word and will search for documents containing all of the search terms entered in the search field, regardless of the order in which they appear or whether they are adjacent to one another or not.
  • The system admits the following operators:
    AND: retrieves all of the documents that contain all of the search terms
    OR: retrieves documents that contain any of the search terms
    NOT: retrieves documents that contain the first term but discards those that also contain the second term.
  • When combining logical operators, please note that the order of execution priority is: 1st NO, 2nd AND, 3rd OR.


  • If the search produces more than 999 results, the system will ask the user to refine their search.
  • If the search retrieves no more than 300 results, the system will display them in alphabetical order. Otherwise, they will be displayed in the order in which they were retrieved.
  • A maximum of 99 copies or reproductions is displayed per bibliographic document.

Reserved words

  • An error message will be displayed if the search field contains any of the system's following reserved words: =, Or, O, U, And, Y, E, Not, No, Ni, Eq, GT, >, GE, >=, LT, <, LE, <=, Near, Cerca, Group, Grupo, ADJ, Between, Entre, <>, ><, SYN, Sinónimo, SYR, NSYN, Sort, SORTD, Root, Raíz, Phonetic, Fonético, Aspect, Category, Aspecto, Naspect, TBT, (, ), ., !, ¿, :, $$ 


  • Separate the four groups of digits with a hyphen.
    E.g.: 84-921562-2-8

Legal deposit number

  • Do not use punctuation marks between the province prefix and the corresponding number.
    E.g.: CA 482-2003