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Access to the Library Catalogue

This single catalogue contains all of the bibliographic references to modern books published from 1831 onwards; antique books, pamphlets and printed sheets published up until 1830; manuscripts, journals and newspapers, engravings, drawings and photographs, maps and plans, musical scores and sound and video recordings. The Bibliographic Catalogue's current content can be checked by consulting the catálogue's status. Please note that not all of the works held by the Biblioteca Nacional can be accessed via the Automated Catalogue. If you cannot find the document that you are looking for, please contact: e-mail.


The Catalogue can be searched using the following searchs forms:

The Catalogue can be searched using the following search forms: Advanced search, Basic search and Index search. This latter option enables users to search alphabetical indexes of author names, subjects, anonymous titles and map titles. The author index provides access to personal names and collectives and, via these, to their respective works. A button [A] is displayed to the left of the search result if it has an associated authority record. This file can be displayed by clicking on the button.
Searching the Catalogue also provides access to the Biblioteca Nacional's digitised archives. The list of search results may include a "Digital reproduction" button next to bibliographic references that have an associated digital image. Likewise, at the top of the list on the right-hand side a link may appear to "Records with digital reproductions" showing the number of records matching the search criteria that have an associated digital copy. The majority of these digital images are also accessible via the various digital colections.

Downloading records:

Users can download bibliographic records. from the Catalogue, thereby enabling the selected records to be printed, saved in a local file or exported by e-mail. This option is available either when a bibliographic record is displayed or from the list of records displayed in the search results.

Catálogo Bibliográfico