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Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage

This Collective Catalogue provides an inventory and description of the bibliographic heritage held in Spain's public and private libraries.

The Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage is compiled in accordance with Act 16/1985 on Spain's Historical Heritage (Ley 16/1985 del Patrimonio Histórico Español). It is produced jointly between the Directorate General for Books, Archives and Libraries (Dirección General del Libro, Archivos y Bibliotecas), reporting to the Ministry of Culture (Ministerio de Cultura), and Spain's various autonomous regional governments.

The Autonomous Regions' contribution to the Collective Catalogue is articulated through agreements signed with the Ministry of Culture. The year in which each Autonomous Region agreed to participate in compilation of the Collective Catalogue is listed below: Andalusia 1989, Aragon 1989, Asturias 1988, Balearic Isles 1994, Canary Isles 1989, Cantabria 1997, Castile-La Mancha 1994, Castile-Leon 1989, Catalonia 1990, Valencia 1989, Extremadura 1997, Galicia 1989, La Rioja 1997, Madrid 1990, Murcia 1989, Navarre 1996 and the Basque Country 1994.

Content of the Collective Catalogue

The Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage is a project that is still under development and, as such, is constantly being enlarged and refined.

When last updated (March 9th, 2006) the Collective Catalogue contained 701,862 records, the majority of which described various different editions of works printed between the 15th and 20th centuries. It also contained information on 1,826,721 specific copies of these editions held in approximately 698 libraries.

The majority of the records have been created from the copies. Others have been created using information obtained from library catalogues or from the following publications:

  • Catálogo Colectivo de obras impresas en los siglos XVI al XVIII existentes en las bibliotecas españolas (Collective catalogue of works printed between the 16th and 18th centuries held in Spanish libraries). Provisional edition. Madrid, Ministry of Culture (Ministerio de Cultura), 1972-1984.
  • Catálogo general de incunables en bibliotecas españolas (General catalogue of incunabula held in Spanish libraries). Madrid, Directorate General for Books and Libraries (Dirección General del Libro y Bibliotecas), 1989-1990.

Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage