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Collective Catalogues

The Collective Catalogue of Periodicals contains information on the collections of newspapers and journals held in Spain's main libraries. It provides a single entry point from which to access information about the archives held in many different institutions, enabling widely dispersed information to be located quickly and accurately.

The Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage was initially compiled from the collections held in Spain's main libraries, a group which naturally included the Biblioteca Nacional. As a result, a large proportion of the library's antique archive is included in the Collective Catalogue. Nevertheless, approximately 3000 printed documents from the 15th century, the library's incunabula, and a large part of the 16th century collection have yet to be added to the BN's automated catalogue. Those interested in these archives are therefore advised to search the Collective Catalogue of Spain's Bibliographic Heritage.

Instrumenta Musicae. Collective Catalogue of 19th-Century Music Archives held in Latin American libraries. This Catalogue is currently under development and contains around 20,000 works. These include manuscript and printed musical scores and monographs on music, the majority of which are held in the Biblioteca Nacional de España.