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A donation is a free way to help to enrich and increase collections  in libraries.

The Biblioteca Nacional accepts donations of all kinds of documents, although it does not admit them all due to the current acquisitions policy and the need for sustainability in all of its processes.

How to make a donation

The steps to be taken are as follows:

1. Check that the work is not already in the library’s catalogue.

2. Make a donation proposal using any of the following options:

- Personally in the National Library Registry

- Through the form on the website

3. The library will respond to your donation proposal within 30 days.

4. If the proposal is accepted, the donation must be sent by ordinary post or deposited in the Library Registry together with the acceptance sheet.


NOTE: The library is not obliged to return the donations received that have not previously been accepted.


The library does NOT accept:

  • Documents of all types, published or produced in Spain, that have entered or will shortly enter in compliance with the Legal Deposit regulation.
  • Photocopies or non-original copies, self-published documents or those published on demand that are literary or autobiographical works or competition entries.
  • Chapters from books or magazine articles (offprints) the complete originals of which are already in the Library or will be soon.
  • Unpublished, modern manuscripts or typed documents by unacknowledged authors.
  • Minor publications
  • Random copies of magazines that do not complete a collection.
  • Literary works (novels, stories, poetry) by foreign authors.

The library is interested in:

  • Documents of all types, published or produced in Spain, that do not appear in its catalogue. Please note that some documents do not appear in the catalogue until a certain time after they are published due to the administrative procedures of the legal deposit.
  • Documents of all types published outside Spain the subject of which is Spanish and Latin American culture, excluding literary works (novels, stories, poetry) by foreign authors.
  • Periodical publications that complete existing collections.
  • Copies of manuscripts and personal archives of significant individuals in the Spanish or Latin American worlds of culture, with prior assessment of their interest by the Libraries Acquisitions Commission.
  • Collections or individual numbers of printed periodical publications or those published in Spain whose titles do not appear in its catalogue.

What have other people donated?

Practical information:

  • Biblioteca Nacional de España
    Servicio de Donativo y Canje
    Paseo de Recoletos, 20
    28071. Madrid (Spain)

  • Telephone: 91 580 78 44