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Interactive Quixote

Interface of the interactive QuixoteTheInteractive Quixote is a project offering an innovative approach to the first edition of Cervantes' most important work, conserved in the assets of the Biblioteca Nacional de España. Thanks to this initiative, it is possible to read Don Quixote as if you had the book in your hands, while at the same time accessing multimedia content which help contextualise the work.

The initiative started with high quality digitalisation of the copies the BNE holds of the first edition of Don Quixote: those published in Madrid in 1605 and in 1615; an interactive portal has been constructed around this new digitalisation, to which maps, engravings and other content has been added, taken from 43 different editions of Don Quixote and from a further 21 works, all belonging to the BNE. Logo de Telefónica

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  • High quality zoom
  • Text searches
  • Modern transcript
  • Thumbnails
  • Full screen view
  • Print options
  • Activate background music
  • Share on Facebook
  • Help

Multimedia content

Multimedia content
  • Adventure map
  • Editions over time
  • Book of knightly deeds
  • Life in the 17th century
  • Image gallery
  • Musical works of the period
  • Video

Project details

Project details
  • 1,282 pages (the two parts)
  • 43 editions of Don Quixote
  • 165 illustrations and maps
  • 37 front pages and covers
  • 21 related works
  • 13 music tracks
  • 5,000 workhours
  • 30 professionals from different fields
  • Real sound when turning the page