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Ephemera and ex libris

PAIPÁI. 1930-1940. Gaspar Camps

PAIPÁI. 1930-1940. Gaspar Camps

The Ephemera collection consists of a wide and varied range of graphical works produced with a specific purpose and not intended to survive the topicality of their message. We find here collections of picture cards, matchbooks, calendars, reminders and greetings, business cards and labels for all types of establishments and products, games and cut-outs, etc.

The ex libris collection is exceptional due to the quality and quantity of the works, some by Spanish artists but the majority by foreign engravers who worked in this field of art in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Among the main subject included in the Spanish libraries ex libris are the Cervantine themes, and in particular those depicting scenes from Don Quixote, animals and heraldry, humour, children's, the macabre, medical and religious scenes, etc.

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