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Geography and maps

Maps of Africa

Mazagán (Marruecos) (Alrededores). Mapas generales. 1895-1896

Mazagán (Marruecos) (Alrededores). Mapas generales. 1895-1896

Within the Modern Maps holdings it is interesting to note the collection of maps of Africa bequeathed by General Tomás García Figueras, Delegate for Indigenous Affairs in Morocco. This collection includes some 2,500 maps from the first half of the twentieth century, mostly from Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla, most of them produced by the Army Geographical Service and the Geological Survey of Spanish West Africa, and published by the office of the Governor General of the Spanish Sahara, the Delegate for Indigenous Affairs and the Technical Secretariat of Morocco. The series of topographic-military maps and 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions from 1927 to 1959 of the «Mapa de la zona del Protectorado Español en Marruecos» [Map of the area of the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco] are important.

Bibliography and catalogues

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