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Interactive Leonardo

Interactive LeonardoInteractive Leonardo is a tool for viewing the digital version of Leonardo da Vinci's Madrid Codices in addition to multiple functionalities which give greater insight into this Tuscan genius.

The notes and drawings in the Madrid Codices I and II differ in content, and also come from different periods.

Other contextual contents of interest include a chronology of Leonardo's life and an overview of the areas of knowledge and fields of art that this universal thinker addressed, logoTelefonicaBDH through works belonging to the holdings of the Biblioteca Nacional de España.  


To view the Interactive Leonardo you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

A  mailbox has been set up for users to report incidents.


  • High quality zoom
  • Spectacular viewing
  • Searches
  • Transcription and translation
  • Subject index
  • Access to most frequently viewed pages
  • Views in miniature
  • Full screen view
  • Print options
  • Share on social networks

Multimedia content

Multimedia content
  • Chronology of Leonardo's life
  • The trades attributed to Leonardo
  • Codices in the world
  • Leonardo's Library
  • Historical, social and political context
  • Musical works of the period
  • Videos and 3D animations
  • Games

Project details

Project details
  • 718 digitised pages
  • 120 digitised works
  • 100 interactive pages
  • 138 multimedia contents
  • 40 professionals from different fields
  • 20,000 workhours
  • 300 million different question and answer games
  • 200 thousand different memory games