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Data sources

The data have been taken from the Biblioteca Nacional de España bibliographic catalogues and authority files. Over 4 million records of bibliographic resources, including modern and ancient monographs, electronic resources, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, etchings, photographs, sheet music and audio and audiovisual recordings, have been extracted.

Over four million authority files on people, entities, conferences, works, expressions, subjects, geographic names and genre/form terms used in the bibliographic records have also been extracted. Both sets of records have been originally coded according to the MARC21 format.

Data have also been extracted from the computerised copies of existing works in the Hispanic Digital Library.

The data relating to certain items (authors, subjects, works, etc.) have been enriched through connections to their equivalents in other data sources. For authors, for example, links are provided, if they are available, to the Library of Congress, the German National Library, the National Library of France, Sudoc, the National Library of Sweden, VIAF and ISNI. The records on subjects, geographic and genre/form terms are linked to the Library of Congress.

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