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Technologies used

The MARiMbA tool has been used for the data transformation process.

MARiMbA, developed by the Ontology Engineering Group, is a tool designed for librarians that supports the entire RDF generation process using MARC 21 records and subsequent linking of these, both internally (bibliographic records, authority files, subject headings and Hispanic Digital Library information) and also externally, with datasets such as VIAF and DBpedia. MARiMbA also enriches the original data with external data, by means of links generated during the linking process, for example in it extracts and adds links to author photographs and biographies from DBpedia. The tool makes it possible to use any vocabulary (in this case the BNE ontology) in a simple and transparent way, and simplifies the process of assigning connections between the chosen vocabularies and MARC 21. As a result, this process has generated around 30 million triplets in Spanish with data of great cultural quality and value, substantially increasing the presence of the Spanish language in the data cloud.

The data portal has used cutting-edge open-source technologies based on web standards, meaning the tool can offer optimal response times and facilitating usability, both for applications and end users. A search engine has been set up that means the data model (the BNE ontology) can be used for: (1) assigning relevance to the various entities according to their connections to other entities, and (2) providing the user with relevant and structured results, making it easier to find information.

The data are hosted on a Virtuoso server, which is accessed via a Sparql terminal, with a Linked Data interface using with the free tool Pubby.


  • Both the portal and the MARiMbA solution that underpins the entire system were designed and developed by the Ontology Engineering Group.


    The graphic design, usability and user experience were developed by Amélie Viallet.