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The new version of the data portal contains many new features and improvements over the previous version:

  • The database is the same, though updated in 2014, and has now been equipped with a visual interface with a search engine, designed to harness the links between data and experiment with new ways of presenting bibliographic data for the end user, including through enrichment with data from external sources. However, the means of access is the same as before, through Sparql for developers and experts, and full data downloads.
  • The range and number of bibliographic and authority records has been increased, meaning this version now covers practically all the library's materials, including ancient and modern books, manuscripts, musical scores and recordings, video recordings, photographs, drawings and maps.
  • Links have also been included to digitised examplesin the Hispanic Digital Library, meaning the portal provides access to the library's digital holdings.
  • For developers and experts, the data are described using the BNE's own ontology, which reuses the properties of different vocabularies.