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BNE standards

Authorities Manual

The BNE Authorities Manual is a dynamic working document defining the procedure followed by the institution in standardising its points of access. *It is based on reference sources, practices followed by other libraries and a variety of theoretical studies of other libraries and institutions.

Authorities Manual

Cataloguing Manual for 19th century music scores

This manual describes bibliographic control of music documents, with examples. It ranges from practical music to treatises, considered to be monographs, and serial publications. Analytical cataloguing of music scores included in books or magazines are also included, as are bibliographic descriptions of modern facsimiles reproducing 19th century editions.

Cataloguing Manual for 19th century music scores (PDF, 7.68 MB)

Catalogación en múltiples escrituras

Documento explicativo sobre la adopción del Modelo A del formato MARC 21 para la catalogación de recursos en caractares no latinos.

Catalogación en múltiples escrituras (pdf)

Adaptation to the consolidated ISBD

In January 2010, the BNE started using the consolidated ISBD for descriptions (being more up to date) and cataloguing rules (1999 revised edition, reprinted in 2010) of which the chapters referring to the method and choice of access points will continue to be followed.

This decision was taken to address international changes occurring which currently prevent us from adopting new rules. We will closely follow current developments and reach agreements with other countries to work together, avoiding duplication of effort and taking the right decision at a right time.

Table of changes

Consolidated ISBD

ISBD - Uso del Área 0

Adaptation to MARC21

To aid the internationalisation and standardisation of bibliographic and archive records and authority control, the Biblioteca Nacional de España (National Library of Spain) has decided to adopt the MARC 21 format, taking advantage of a change in the IT system that supports the database. The fact that the BNE is starting to use the MARC 21 Format will encourage introduction of this standard in all other Spanish libraries and some Latin American libraries, both for the bibliographic format and the formats for authorities and archives and locations; the majority of head libraries in the autonomous regions are also expected to co-operate with the BNE in the drafting their authority records. It will also have an impact on the way all other Spanish libraries import records from the Biblioteca Nacional.

IBERMARC - MARC 21 Equivalences

Proposals to the ALA MARBI Committee (pdf)

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