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Record supply

There are two ways of obtaining records:

  • Download from the Catalogue: This allows you to print the records selected, save them to a local file or send them by email; for further information, go to  the side menu  Exporting records from the Catalogue.
  • Download using client-server protocol Z39.50.

Requests in the event of technical difficulties that cannot be resolved

In exceptional cases, when it is impossible to resolve technical difficulties with one of the previously-mentioned methods, users may submit a direct request in writing to the Biblioteca Nacional de España. This request must clearly indicate the search criteria for the records in question and the purpose for which they will be used.

Use of these records shall be subject to the intellectual property legislation and other regulations in force. Whenever such records are used, the source must be expressly acknowledged.

The request should be sent to:

Biblioteca Nacional
Servicio de Bases de Datos Bibliográficas
Paseo de Recoletos, 20. Madrid 28071