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Request an ISNI

How do I obtain an ISNI?

By writing to the address

Who can request an ISNI at the BNE?

Biblioteca Nacional de España processes requests for ISNI numbers for authors or entities that meet at least one of these two conditions:

  • Authors or entities in Spain or working in Spain
  • Authors or entities that are in the BNE catalogue.

What is required to obtain an ISNI?

Public identities are identified by the following metadata elements:

  • Name of the public identity.
  • Date and place of birth and/or death (or registration and dissolution for legal entities).
  • Categories and functions according to the definition established by the ISNI Registration Agency (RA). The categories define large activity groups: musical, audiovisual, textual, artistic works, choreography and software. And functions define the task performed in each of these categories, which can be that of an author, performer, editor, illustrator, etc.
  • Reference title of a creative work.
  • Name of a related person and/or institution (university, publisher, etc.).
  • A URI (or URL) that provides a link for more information about the identity.