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When to request it?

It is advisable to request it before the first issue appears so that the ISSN can be included in the publication right from the start.

Nevertheless, it may be requested at any point in the publication's lifetime. It may also be requested once the work is no longer in publication if retrospective assignation is sought.

CHANGE OF TITLE: If the title of the serial publication is changed, the ISSN assigned can no longer be used and a new one should be requested. Any change to the title, regardless of how insignificant it may seem (such as the deletion of a word or acronym, change of word order, change of name of the entity responsible for it if it forms part of the title, etc.) should be communicated to the Spanish ISSN Centre.

When an ISSN is requested for a publication, ISSNs also have to be requested for publications related to the same, such as:

  • Supplements to the publication that are numbered independently
  • Editions in other languages
  • Editions on other media (i.e. on-line, CD-ROM, diskette, etc.)

For further information please contact the Spanish ISSN Centre.