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Where should it be printed?

The ISSN consists of two groups of four digits separated by a hyphen and preceded by the abbreviation ISSN.

 E.g. ISSN 0000-0000

 Publishers are advised to print the ISSN in the same clearly visible place on each issue or instalment of the serial publication.

In the case of printed publications, publishers are advised to print the ISSN in the upper right-hand corner of the back cover. In the case of CD-ROMs, DVDs or diskettes, the ISSN should appear on the entry screen and also on the disc or diskette itself and/or on the sleeve or case. In the case of on-line publications, the ISSN should appear on the entry screen or front page and in the metadata field.

If a bar code with the ISSN is used, the ISSN should also be printed as described above.

If an issue or volume of a serial publication includes an ISBN as well as an ISSN, both codes should appear together and each should be preceded by its respective abbreviation (ISSN or ISBN).

If a serial publication contains another serial publication with its own ISSN as an insert, the ISSN of the insert publication should be printed on the front cover or alongside the title.

Publishers are advised to include the ISSN in their catalogues.

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