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ISSNs and bar codes

The ISSN can be used as the basis to create a bar code. The Spanish ISSN Centre does not provide bar codes, it only provides the ISSN from which a bar code can be obtained, either by using a specialist IT program or by contacting a suitable supplier.

Although the ISSN is included in the bar code, it should also appear in its full natural form (consisting of eight digits separated into two groups of four digits by a hyphen and preceded by the abbreviation ISSN) in the credits and it is also advisable that it appears on the upper part of the bar code.

Bar codes with ISSNs follow the EAN-13 standard, which is the most widely used form of commercial coding.
A bar code can be created from the ISSN as follows:
The ISSN in this example is 1144-875X, which corresponds to the publication "GENCOD informations (Paris)", which is a monthly publication. The bar code for the March issue would be: 3

977 1144875 00 7 03



ISSN minus final digit Price code Check digit Addendum (instalment or issue number)


Prefix: this will always be 977 (the prefix for serial publications)
ISSN: this is transcribed minus the hyphen and the final digit, which is the ISSN check digit.
Price code: two digits used to indicate special prices (extraordinary issues, double issues, etc.). For standard issues the code is 00.
Check digit
: this number is generated using an algorithm (EAN-13) and is obtained from a computer program.
Addendum: the publisher can add an addendum of 2 to 5 digits to indicate the instalment or issue number. In the example below 03 corresponds to the third month of the year

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