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Types of publications it is assigned to

Any serial publication, which is defined as that which under a common title is published in successive parts and which is, in principle, intended to be continued indefinitely. It is normally numbered and/or bears a chronological designation. Serial publications are: Magazines, newspapers, newsletters, annual publications (reports, yearbooks, directories, etc.), company reports, minutes of periodical conferences, transactions, etc. Monographic series can also be considered serial publications.

Publications published in parts but which have a pre-set finalisation date or for which the number of parts is pre-set beforehand (for example a collection published in parts or a magazine which, to commemorate a particular anniversary, is only going to be published for a short period of time) cannot be considered serial publications and therefore are not eligible for an ISSN.

Serial publications can be published on any support. Serial publications are not only those published in print, but also electronic online publications, CD-ROM, floppy disks, microfiches, etc. which form part of a series complying with the criteria laid out above in the definition of serial publication. If a single title is published on several support media, each one shall have its own ISSN.

If a serial publication is published in several languages, each edition shall have a different ISSN.

If a serial publication has a supplement and this has its own numbering, independent of the main publication, it shall also have its own ISSN, different to the publication on which it is dependent.

The majority of calls from academic assessment agencies demand the ISSN for the publications submitted. This requirement represents a problem for the National ISSN Centre because ISSNs are requested for publications that do not meet the necessary requirements to be assigned one. The ISBN Agency has drawn up a document with its stance on the subject of contests of merit which can beconsulted here 

It is important to insist here that the ISSN is not mandatory and being assigned one does not guarantee the quality, relevance or originality of the serial publication. An ISSN is assigned exclusively to serial publications in accordance with a number of international guidelines, whereby the following types of resources are excluded: Blogs, recompilations of articles published in different sources, personal webpages, portals, offprints, papers and pamphlets.


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