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Projects and domestic partnerships

Casa del Libro

Mobile devices

The Biblioteca Nacional de España and Casa del Libro have signed an agreement the aim of which is to include the holdings digitised by the Library in the portal and in the applications developed by Casa del Libro for mobile devices.

This agreement assists in disseminating the Library's collections through the e-book, one of the most widely-used reading formats.  This is the first step in the adaptation of the Library's digital contents to mobile devices, which are more and more frequently used in our day-to-day lives.

There are three ways to   access these holdings free of charge:

Tagus is an application that enables users to manage and access their e-books from anywhere. It allows texts to be underlined and notes to be added, searches in external sources (Wikipedia, Google), and lets them share and view the annotations of other users in the community; in addition, all the books that each user saves in their personal library are always available within Casa del Libro.