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User survey

The Spanish National Library conducted a survey to analyse the value of the services provided to users and to identify their expectations. PricewaterhouseCoopers Asesores de Negocios S.L. were engaged to carry out the survey and this company worked with a team of professionals from the Library between January and July 2009. In accordance with the commitment made with those who participated in the survey, we are releasing the results, structured into two parts:

The Spanish National Library wishes to thank everyone, both current and potential users of the BNE and professionals from various groups, for their co-operation and active participation in many cases. The National Library will channel its efforts into undertaking all the possible short, medium and long-term actions in order to meet the expectations of regular BNE users as well as those who, either due to their professional profiles, geographical distance or any other reason, need a library model that is adapted to their remote access requirements.