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2009-2011 Strategic Plan

The mission of the Biblioteca Nacional is to conserve, manage and disseminate Spain's Bibliographic Heritage produced on all media, thereby contributing towards transforming information into knowledge, and to operate as an information and service centre capable of satisfying the requirements of the research community and disseminating Spain's Historical Memory among all of the country's citizens. 

The Biblioteca Nacional is Spain's highest library institution and is head of the Spanish Library System.


  • Society: the Biblioteca Nacional should constitute a leading centre for the arts and culture, providing a venue at which all of the country's citizens are able to attend events of interest to them.
  • Readers: the Biblioteca Nacional should offer readers services that meet their requirements and ensure access to its collections by providing comprehensive information about all of its archives.
  • Research: the Biblioteca Nacional should intensify its role as a supplier of specialist information services and resources essential to research and technological innovation.
  • Collections: the Biblioteca Nacional should manage its collections efficiently and effectively through a specific development programme that ensures the quality, relevance and up-to-date nature of its resources.
  • Cooperation: the Biblioteca Nacional should constitute a vital reference point for information science professionals and Spanish and Latin American libraries.
  • Innovation: the Biblioteca Nacional should strengthen its involvement in innovation and development, such as digital projects, communication projects, etc., undertaken on both a national and international scale.
  • Management and organisation: the Biblioteca Nacional should manage the resources assigned to it efficiently and effectively within the parameters defined by best practice and with the objectives of achieving continual improvement and enhancing user services.