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What is RSS?

RSS, Really Simple Syndication is a document written in XML, designed for the rapid distribution of news found on web pages.

The RSS files, also known as RSS feeds contain a list of news items in the form of summaries of the content published on the web page to which they refer. Each element of the list consists of the news headline, a brief summary and a link to the complete news item.

By reading the RSS files of a website you can find out if that site has been updated and which are the new news items that have been added, without having to access the web page.

How to access the RSS

Subscribe to the Spanish National Library's news bulletin.

Thanks to RSS technology, the Spanish National Library is able to provide an automated service for sending the headlines of content added to the website.

To use the RSS service, you need to install a programme called reader or aggregator. Copy the address of the section you wish to receive the headlines from and follow the RSS reader instructions.

There are a number of readers that enable you to group information from different websites on a single page. These include: Freedreader, RSS Reader, Sharp Reader and Feed Demon

Para utilizar el servicio RSS basta con disponer de un navegador web (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome...)