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Public prices


Approved by Biblioteca Nacional de España Resolution of 28 February 2018 approving the public prices to be applied to the services it provides


Copies up to a maximum of 20% of a post-1958 book or a full article from a periodical published after 1958) (includes postage costs) SPAIN EUROPE OTHER COUNTRIES
Originals (from 1958)
(postage and packing included)
€8 €20 €32
Copies (paper or digital file)
(postage and packing included)
Up to 40 pages
Paper 5 € 12 € 24 €
Digital file 5 € 8 € 8 €
Over 40 pages
Prices Spain,
each additional page
Paper €0.27/page
Digital file €0.20/page
Prices outside Spain
each additional block
(up to 15 pages)
(up to 15 pages)
4€ 4€
Digital file
(up to 20 pages)
€4 €4

*Monographs from before 1958 shall only be provided via digital reproduction

VAT at 21% will be applied to the amounts indicated for reproductions.

The international interlibrary loan bill will be paid using IFLA vouchers, the exchange value of which is as follows:

1 IFLA voucher......................................8 euros

1/2 IFLA voucher......................................4 euros

You can find information about other types of copies on the Library Reprography Service website.


  • Bank transfer:
    • Name: “Cuenta de Ingresos por Servicios de Préstamo Interbibliotecario”
    • Account number: ES80 9000 0001 2 0 0200009458 (Banco de España. C/ Alcalá, 48. 28014. Madrid).
    • To identify the payment, the request identifier number that appears (RDFI) in the estimate must be stated.
  • Debit or credit card at the interlibrary loan service (Recoletos branch. 4th floor of the north complex, Room 1)