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Service for libraries

Any Spanish or overseas library may submit an interlibrary request to the Biblioteca Nacional de España.

1. What the service offers:

The Library will offer a copy when it is not possible to send the original, provided that it is in an adequate state of conservation and the request complies with the legislation governing intellectual property. The copy will take a minimum of thirty days, once this option has been accepted by the requesting library.

  • Copies sent in PDF or on paper: Magazine articles or parts of books.
  • Reproductions sent in PDF format: manuscripts and material printed prior to 1958.
  • The following are excluded from the Interlibrary Loan Service:
    -   Unpublished documents.
    -   Reference works.
    -   Archive documents and Personal archives.
    -   Complete numbers of serial publications.
    -   Special materials: Posters, Drawings, Ephemera and Ex libris, Photographs, Engravings, etc. Only individual users may request reproduction of these materials from the Reprography Service.

2. How to make a request

Requests must be submitted using the form available for this purpose on the website. Libraries must register as centres the first time they enter the said form.

Subsequent entries may be via a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google account, from the same website where the form is.

3. Duration, conservation and return of loans of original material

  • Duration: 
    30 days from receipt of the item. A 30-day extension may be requested prior to the expiry of the original period.
  • Conservation:
    The requesting library will be wholly responsible for the good conservation of the works borrowed.
    Under no circumstances should the work borrowed leave the library.
  • Return: 
    By registered post. The work must be correctly packaged, preferably in padded envelopes.
  • Causes for sanctions:
    The Biblioteca Nacional de España will cease to provide the interlibrary loan service to the requesting library when the latter commits one or more of the following infringements:
    -   Breach of the rules and regulations.
    -   Non-payment of the restoration or binding costs in the case of a work being returned in a deteriorated state.
    -   Non-replacement of a work that is lost or misplaced.
    -   Delays of over three months in settlement of invoices.