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How to consult the assets

Free-access holdings

All rooms have free-access holdings, which may be taken directly from the shelves. In general, they are reference works. You may consult which holdings are available through free-access using the following search tool.

Consult the assets

1. Locate the publication in the Library catalogue.

2. Note down the call number.

3. Go to the room where the document is kept.

example of item in the catalogue

4. Request the publication from the libarary staff (delivery period from 10 to 30 minutes).

Note: If the document is in the Alcalá de Henares depositories, it will be delivered within 24  to 48 hours (it will be available for 15 calendar days).


  • You can keep up to 3 volumes reserved, when necessary, for a period of 15 calendar days.
  • Reserve documents before you come
    You can request assets in advance for a particular day. This service enables users use up to 10 volumes for a maximum period of 15 calendar days.