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Reference rooms

General information room and cards

Issue of library cards and practical information about the library.


The María Moliner reading room

Monographic works from the 16th century onwards, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, catalogues and directories.


Alcalá de Henares room

Room at the Alcalá de Henares centre for consulting the collections stored in its depository.


Sala Cervantes

Ancient and modern manuscripts, incunabula, early printed matter, theatre plays and works by Cervantes.


Sala Goya

Drawings, engravings, ephemera, posters, photographs, early and modern maps, etc.


Sala Barbieri

Music and musicology, audio-visual and multimedia documents and sound recordings.


Larra Newspaper and Magazine room

Magazines, newspapers, official gazettes and online resources about periodical publications.


Bibliographic Information and Library Documentation Room

Room for consulting general and specialist bibliographies, catalogues, etc.