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Goya room

Sala Goya

In this room users can consult the following collections:

How to access the holdings in this room

Due to the current healthcare situation, it is currently only possible to access the BNE reading rooms with an appointment for the exclusive purpose of consulting the holdings (not for study).

For this reason, you must request the documents that you would like to view or the processing of your library card in advance. Once a request has been received, the BNE will contact the applicant to arrange the time of the visit.

The following types of documents cannot be requested in advance: drawings, engravings, photographs, ephemera, maps and plans. These items must be requested directly in the Room.

Exceptionally, justified requests made in advance for the original graphic and cartographic material (maps and plans, engravings, drawings, photographs and ephemera) may be considered. These requests should be sent to the Department of Fine Arts and Cartography at

Advance requests for posters kept at the Alcalá Headquarters (AHC/ and AHCC/ call numbers) will be made from the Library’s own online catalogue.


The restrictions that are currently in place aim to ensure the safety of employees and users of the BNE’s services, and result in other changes to the usual loan service in the rooms, for example:

  • The public computers may only be used to consult the BNE archives.
  • To consult the free access reference collections, you must email the room where the archive is held, rather than requesting it directly.

Please find further information about the remaining measures and conditions affecting the loan service during the "new normal" period in this document (PDF).


The room offers:


Practical information:

  • Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00.
    Saturdays closed


    For on-site access, prior appointment is needed with the BNE staff.


  • Recoletos Branch. 0 floor of the south wing

  • Telephone numbers:

    (+34) 91 516 89 56 / 91 ( Sala Goya)
    (+34) 91 580 78 15 / 781 (Drawings and Engravings)
    (+34) 91 580 78 13 (Geography and Maps)



  • Information leaflet about the room (pdf)