Purchase of old holdings

As part of the mission entrusted to the BNE in management, preservation and dissemination of Bibliographic Heritage Spanish, the Biblioteca Nacional de españa, through the committee on Procurement, takes a variety of Bibliographic works with the goal of completing and enrich the most complete collection of documenting the development of our culture, history and science, its role in the world, the image that is planning in other countries and the study of other cultures is affected by it.

The main selection criteria for old fund are:

Published works in spain

Printed documents in spain before 1958, entry into force of the regulation of legal deposit, with special focus on:

  • Parts that are in the library for having been blamed or because they came from unknown printers
  • School books that were lost,
  • The area under-represented in library funds
  • Editions of short-run...
  • Old fund: ancient Manuscripts and books of the classic of the universal culture and those who by their seniority are particularly valuable incunabula, such as, in accordance with the regulations of Historical Heritage.
  • Works in arabic and hebrew, of paramount importance, for example, in the area of science.
  • Printed documents or produced in places which were related to Spain in certain moments in history, such as the netherlands, italy (Naples and sicily), the philippines and Spanish speaking countries.

Published works outside spain

  • Spanish authors works, with particular attention to those of the exiles who published in other countries, mainly in Latin America.
  • Work published in english or in other official languages of the state.
  • Spanish authors works translated into other languages.
  • Works of foreigners that explain topics spaniards. These are particularly important for the dissemination that was our culture and the interest of Spain abroad.

All these criteria are applied equally to the recurrent publications.

The selection of parts of what we call "special materials" (engravings, drawings, photographs, scores, disks, etc.) is carried out by the specialized services are the skilled to mark the opportunity to purchase.

Have been gaining importance documents called "" ephemera, which includes material containing information of short duration, produced for a very particular, such as posters, comics, labels, etc.

All bibliographic and documentary materials that could be acquired by the BNE are subject to special scrutiny to ensure its integrity and the conservation status of the copy, in order to achieve relevant materials and in the best possible health.

This section contains information on procurement of patrimonial collection undertaken in recent years. Provides a detailed listing of works, grouped by type of material, such as an advance of the new funds that is useful to readers while processed and incorporated to the library catalogue.