Visit the library

Guided visit to the library. Discover the BNE

This visit runs outside staircase, zaguán, the main staircase, the Room of the church and the Italian Chamber.Further information,.

Guided visits to exhibitions

These visits run through the different exhibitions organized by the BNE.Further information,.

Specialized visits

These visits are more specific and are organized an approach based on the best interests of a certain group. They are made at the Recoletos headquarters and are subject to the availability of the Library.

  • Visits for groups of university students, for an institutional nature, and for groups of professionals, archivística library and documentation. Applications: By telephone 91 580 78 94 oremail

Open door day

The Biblioteca Nacional de españa, at least once a year, its traditional open day: a visit that, in addition to a tour through the building, which includes spaces usually which access is restricted, are some of the unique works that guards the Institution.