Facilities for disabled users


The library has four parking places for disabled users. In the mornings, there is one place free; the other three are used by disabled library staff. In the afternoons, one or more of these places are usually free.


People who have some difficulties in walking can access the BNE from the ground floor and use the lifts. Those unable to climb stairs of any kind, must be accompanied by a library employee.

People wishing to access the exhibition halls and the meeting hall can enter via the ground floor without encountering steps as these rooms are located on the ground floor. The lift can be used to visit the BNE museum, which is on floor -1.

The library has two wheelchairs available on the ground floor. If you wish to use these or would like to be accompanied by a library staff member on a route where there are no stairs, please ask at the reception.

Use of the rooms

Users with mobility problems can be assigned reading desks close to the entrance of each room and/or close to the assets request desks. The room staff can take the requested publications to your desk if necessary.

Users with visual disabilities

The library rooms have magnifying glasses available for users. In the general reading room, there is one desk with magnifying glasses for viewing requested materials.

In addition, the library has a collection of books in Braille and sound recordings of all types, including audio books. There is also an Archive of the Spoken Word that includes radio recordings, speeches, etc.

Various devices are available for reading or listening to these materials: books in Braille in our catalogue with their corresponding call numbers can be requested using the books request system in each room; for listening to sound recordings or audiovisual materials, there are listening booths in the Sala Barbieri of the library.