Processing of the researcher's card

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Intended for people engaged in research. This card is valid for five years. Cardholders can:

  • Consult the Library's holdings, except those for which consultation or use is restricted for security or conservation reasons.
  • Use of all the services offered by the Bibliographic Information Room.
  • Use of the home loan service in the Bibliographic Information and Library Documentation room.

The Library Documentation cards will expire within six months from the entry into force of the Access Regulations document (04/17/22)

Documentation needed to register for or renew a card:

  1. Valid personal identification document.

    This can be:

    • National Identity Card
    • Driving licence
    • Passport
    • Residence permit
  2. Researcher credentials.

    This can be:

    • For those who hold a PhD, bachelor’s or other undergraduate degree or their equivalents:
      • University degree.
      • Proof of registration. Transcripts.
      • University ID card, where the post-graduate studies engaged in are indicated (Master’s or PhD).
      • Referral letter from tutor or research supervisor. This letter must bear the official letterhead and stamp of the institution.
      • Professional association membership card.
    • Members of recognised educational and academic and cultural institutions and research centres; librarians, documentalists, archivists and museum curators; professionals from the publishing and editing sector:
      • Professional credentials.
      • Work contract or payslip no more than three months old bearing the name of the employing institution and professional status or occupation.
      • Work centre referral letter. This letter must bear the official letterhead, stamp and signature of a senior manager.
    • Scientific, literary and artistic authors:
      • Bibliographic record from the BNE or other library indicating the author’s name.
    • Those who, under the Agreement Consortium 2021 Madroño, have the passport Madroño.
    • All holders of a Reader’s Card who, provided that they are not included in any of the cases listed in the previous section, are carrying out research work and who can prove it, may apply for a Researcher’s Card, using the application form that the Biblioteca Nacional de España will provide for this purpose.
  3. Document accrediting permanent residence.

    Only if the identification document does not indicate an address. This must be no more than three months old. This can be:

    • Gas, electricity, water or telephone bill.
    • A certificate of "empadronamiento" (official residence in a Spanish municipality).
    • Rent payment receipt.
    • Receipt of payment for municipal taxes.
    • Salary slip no more than three months old and displaying the home address.
    • Valid home insurance contract or payment receipt for the current year.
    • Bank statements.

The applicant will also be responsible for submitting the official translation of the documents that they are presenting from other countries, when appropriate. All the documents provided will be immediately scanned and returned.

Application for a card

There are two ways to process or renew the card:

  • Remotely, through the BNE website. You can request or renew your card online as well as in person. The Library will respond to your request within 72 hours. The card must be collected at the Library by the cardholder, who must present ID. It cannot be sent by post. Card application form
  • In person, in the General Information and cards room (Recoletos headquarters, 2nd floor of the central nucleus). Once all the documents have been presented and the procedure completed, the BNE card is delivered to the user.