Purchase of modern fund

The purpose of the purchase of modern fund the BNE is enriching and complete their collections, rectify mistakes and update the information of the most demanded by researchers. This fund included books, magazines, engravings, photographs, maps, scores, etc.

Similarly, the purchase is absolutely essential to create a collection of reference for everything that is not subject to legal deposit income: access to remote data bases, magazines and books and, in general, prestigious reference source for use of both researchers and practitioners from the library.

The material must always comply with the guidelines for the policy of buying the BNE

The selection is constructed from:

  • The documents in the BNE considered of interest.
  • The requests of the different departments of the BNE.
  • The suggestions that readers and researchers to completing the BNE aform

In any case, the BNE reserves the right to send requests or suggestions under budgetary resources of its management policy and training of collections or other that may arise.

For any query or clarification regarding the purchase of a modern fund, send a message to adquisiciones@bne.es

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