Bibliography award

The Biblioteca Nacional de España has among its aims and functions on the promotion of research. Therefore, in the year 2002 created the bibliography Prize of the Biblioteca Nacional ", aiming to distinguish the best work in the field of hispanic literature in all its aspects and under any objective, while maintaining the tradition also awards gave references as fruitful results in its first phase, during the second half of the 19th century and early twentieth centuries.

This Prize is being convened on an annual basis and may participate in the invitation to the authors of any nationality upon request and to fulfil the conditions provided for in the regulatory basis and in the call. The value of the prize is annually established by resolution of the same.

In the evaluation of work submitted takes into account the following evaluation criteria:

  • The importance and usefulness of the item.
  • Completeness in the collection of material.
  • The systematization of the investigations.
  • The criteria for preparing exposed by the author.
  • The methodology used.
  • The rigour and accuracy of the bibliographic descriptions.
Winners of the works of literature Prize
  • 1995Isabel PÉREZ Basin.Catalogue of manuscripts of Francisco de Quevedo in the Biblioteca Nacional. Madrid: Ollero & Ramos, 1997.
  • 1996Juan Antonio YEVES ANDRÉS.Spanish manuscripts Library Lázaro Galdiano. Madrid: Ollero & Ramos - fundación Lázaro Galdiano, 1998.
  • 1997José Luis GONZALO SÁNCHEZ-MOLERO.The 'Rich' Library of Felipe II: Study of history and cataloguingSan Lorenzo del Escorial Escurialense: Institute of Historical and artistic Research, 1998.
  • 1998Maria Grazia PROFETI.Per una bibliografia di Lope de Vega. Opere non dramatice a stampa. Kassel: Reichenberger, 2002.
  • 1999. Giuseppina GRESPI.Leaving castillian translations of works by italian latin and contained in the 15th century manuscripts in the libraries of Madrid and El Escorial. Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2004.
  • 2000Luis GARCÍA CUBERO.The allegations in law (Porcones) of the Biblioteca Nacional. That concern Mayorazgos, links, Hidalguías, Genealogy and Titles Of Nobility. Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2004.
  • 2001] [Desert.
  • 2002. Angel Relative.Bibliographic dictionary spanish poetry (20th century). Seville: Renaissance, 2003.
  • 2003Nicolás ALONSO. Cecilio ALONSO.Contents of ‘ The monday of The Impartial ’ (1874-1933). Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2006.
  • 2004Karl G. GREGG.The "loose Sanz '. A descriptive analytical catalogue.
  • 2005. Sonia GARZA MERINO.The original printing (1472-1684). Study of history and catalog.
  • 2006. Alain BÈGUE.Literary academies in the second half of the seventeenth century. A descriptive catalogue of printed copies of the Biblioteca Nacional de españa. Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2007.
  • 2007] [Desert.
  • 2008María Arantzazu MALVADI SUNDAY.Humanist Bibliofilia in times of Felipe II: the library of Juan Páez de Castro.
  • 2009. Elisa BORSARI.Catalogue of anonymous translations into spanish of the 14th to 16TH centuries in libraries throughout spain, italy and Portugal. Madrid: Biblioteca Nacional, 2010
  • 2010] [Desert.
  • 2011. Nicolás Bas Martín.Books, reading and readers between spain and france at the end of the 18th century: the correspondence between the bookseller Fournier and Cavanilles.
  • 2012Teresa Martínez Manzano.History of the fund manuscript greek in the university of Salamanca.
  • 2013. Silvia González-sarasa Hernáez.Printed typology of old english.
  • 2014Rosario Consolation Gonzalo García.The legacy of bibliographies of Juan perez de guzman and Boza, duke of T 'Serclaes of Tilly: Contribute to a descriptive catalogue of events (1501-1625). Madrid: Arc/Books, 2018. ISBN: 9 78-84-7635 -969-3.
  • 2015] [Desert.
  • 2016. Felipe Vidales del Castillo.The VII marqués del Carpio and books. Origin, content and spread of its location in libraries and the funds of the BNE.