Key events

The event collections bring together a selection of websites on events of special relevance for Spanish society.

  • Special relevance due to their cultural, scientific, artistic, social and political value for Spanish society today and in the future.
  • Transcendence for future research on Spanish history, society and culture.
  • Great public repercussion and social impact.

Event collections can also be collaborative. The Biblioteca Nacional participates in collaborative collections organised by the International Internet Preservation Consortium or one of its members, on the occasion of events of international interest, for example, the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic or the humanitarian refugee crisis.


Archived websites


The Coronavirus pandemic

Description:By far the longest marked all collaborative, this collection with the participation of all the autonomous communities contains a vast selection of digital press since the beginning of confinement and the declaration of a pandemic by the world health organization, through the profiles in social networks of administrative bodies, public figures, as well as pages stemming from a more spontaneously, as citizens' initiatives and neighbourhood, activities in family, memes, legislation published in the BOE advertising campaigns as # Quédateencasa or # EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos and vaccination campaigns.

Collection period:10/03/2020 - 28/12/2022

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Terrorist attacks in catalonia (2017)

Description:Collection on the terrorist attacks of 17 august 2017 in catalonia, the government statements and real houses around the world, religious bodies and associations, the reaction in social networks and abundant audiovisual material related to this tragic event.

Collection period:18/08/2017 - 20/08/2018

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ETA disarmament

Description:Collection that contains a group of web sites with information on the terrorist group ETA and its disarmament.

Collection period:17/03/2017 - 29/05/2018

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IV century of Miguel de Cervantes

Description:Collection on the figure of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra created as a result of the celebration of the IV centennial of the death of the writer.

Collection period:: 29/09/2016 - 08/06/2017

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Catalan consultation on 9 november 2014

Description:Collection of web sites chosen to cover the impact of the survey conducted on 9 november 2014 in catalonia. Collected via the Internet Archive, introduces massively to ensure their search through the web.

Collection period:01/10/2014 - 17/11/2014

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Abdication of Juan Carlos I and coronation of Felipe VI

Description:Collection created to cover the abdication of Juan Carlos I and the proclamation of Felipe VI as king of spain on 19 june 2014. Seeds collected via the Internet Archive are charged massively to ensure their recovery through the web.

Collection period:03/06/2014 - 18/06/2014

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Death of Adolfo Suarez

Description:Collection of web sites chosen to cover the national and international impact of the death of Adolfo Suárez on 23 march 2014. These seeds were collected through The Internet Archive and included massively to ensure their recovery through the web.

Collection period:24/03/2014 - 08/04/2014

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