Thematic collections cover a selection of resources on a topic on a regular basis.

These collections allow the chronological exploration of the evolution of the websites of various administrative bodies, the Twitter profiles of the main political representatives, the websites of disappeared political parties, press, radio and television headlines, gastronomic fairs and traditions of any region of Spain.

The Departments of the National Library of Spain that manage special collections also maintain their thematic collections with the online resources they deem necessary to keep as part of the legal deposit. These include the collections Library Documentation, Fine Arts and Cartography; Music and Audiovisuals; and Manuscripts, Incunabula and Rares.

In addition, we are working to set up other means of collaboration with institutions specialising in different areas of knowledge through the Network of Spanish University Libraries (Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias y Científicas Españolas - REBIUN).

If you know of any website of interest that is not archived in these collections or would like to suggest a new thematic collection, please contact us at


Archived websites


Fine arts and Cartography

Description:Collection of sites selected by the department of fine arts at the national library of Spain with web pages relating to the issue of the department as websites of artists, museums, galleries, exhibits, etc.

Collection period:22/01/2016 -

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Description:The comic in web format is one of the online publications more ephemeral. Many authors published on the Internet to be disclosed until they gave the go to paper. The aim of this collection is to capture the bullets before remove the content or leave the website. If you are author of comics, write to

Collection period:18/07/2023 -

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Documentation Library

Description:Collection of sites that collect library specialized pages, documentation, Archivística and Museology, as well as other pages subjects related to these disciplines such as the history of books, editing or information and communication technologies.

Collection period:20/01/2016 -

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Description:Created to meet the demands and celebrations of international women's day. Each year are archived on the new resources 8M; subjects selected include webs about trade unions, support groups, families monomarentales associations working for positivar the image of women in the media and projects to help women victims of gender-based violence.

Collection period:26/02/2020 -

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Description:Collection dedicated to the gastronomic fairs, sites devoted to traditional dishes, products with designation of origin, recipes for allergic persons or restaurants awarded Michelin stars and current consumption trends.

Collection period:16/08/2018 -

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Description:Born to meet the demands and parties of the international day of LGBTI Pride. In addition to storing digitally everything related to the week of Pride, are selected pages dedicated transsexuals, family diversity, guides for the holding of the Pride, TRANSGENDER AND BISEXUAL rights +, foundations and local associations, sports associations, blogs and other resources against homophobia.

Collection period:24/06/2019 -

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Manuscripts, Incunabula and rare

Description:Collection of web sites selected by the department of manuscripts, Incunabula and Rare at the national library of Spain on binding, bibliofilia, printing, history of books, linguistic, etc.

Collection period:12/01/2017 -

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Music and audio-visual

Description:Web sites selected by the department of Audiovisual and Music related to the theme of the department as music festivals, web pages on composers, conservatories, choirs, folkloric, etc.

Collection period:18/01/2016 -

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Government agencies

Description:Web sites of administrative bodies relating to the public finance, defence, justice, employment, environment, culture, public works and profiles of social networks, statistics, annual and agendas, reflecting the evolution of public policies over time.

Collection period:15/02/2017 -

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Catalan policy

Description:Collection specialising in the political developments in catalan society, the consultation of 1 october 2017, the social movements and pro-Diada, humour and much more.

Collection period:16/02/2016 -

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National policy

Description:What was the programme of electoral UPyD for general elections in 2011? What published correspondents in social networks on the war in Ukraine? This collection includes day-to-day of the national policy: public profiles in social networks of political leaders, motions of censure, memes, francoism, Civil War, espionage, Western sahara, false news, migration crisis …

Collection period:23/05/2017 -

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Press and Autonomous Television

Description:Daily collection of a selection of the major towns of the press, radio and television regional in nature and local levels.

Collection period:06/02/2017 -

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National newspapers and tv

Description:Daily collection of a selection of the major towns of the press, radio and television.

Collection period:15/01/2016 -

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Traditions and ethnographic heritage

Description:Collection dedicated to collect pictures of people missing or buildings, legends, traditions, recipes or songs that knows only the older person of the people and which are uploaded as videos or pódcast to a single website. We Seek also blogs that reflected popular festivals or whose testimonies could disappear. If you know any website that is not in this collection, write to

Collection period:19/09/2018 -

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Spanish universities

Description:Contains an account of websites focused on the spanish university system, in addition to the websites of the public and private universities in the national territory.

Collection period:19/04/2017 -

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