The Biblioteca Nacional is the main information and document centre on Spanish and Ibero-American written, graphic and audiovisual culture. Its collections include all kinds of material and its holdings are largely enriched through acquisitions: purchase, copyright, donation and exchange.


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The posters are documents with ephemeral nature, made to provide information about an event, to announce a new product or to persuade the masses to attending an event.

Carteles de Chocolates de Matías López
Grabaciones sonoras

La colección es un fiel reflejo de la historia de la edición fonográfica española.

Cádiz. Sevillanas y caleseras
Press and magazines

Spanish newspapers and magazines, foreign, ancient and modern

Portada de Cinegramas (Madrid)
Video recordings

Formed by the domestic production of audiovisual

Colección DVDs Verano Azul

The current collection held by the National Library of Spain (BNE) preserves copies of video games published in our country between 1983 and the present day

Hollywood Monsters
Spoken Word Archive

Voices of the past and present of eminent personalities, as well as conferences, recitals, language courses, short stories, etc.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal
Spanish Web Archive

Collection composed of the web sites that are collected in order to preserve documentary heritage on the Internet.

recurso internet web

Masterpieces of national and international photography

Fotografía  La reine Marie Christine, le duc de Riansares et leur fille Marie Christine