The Biblioteca Nacional is the main information and document centre on Spanish and Ibero-American written, graphic and audiovisual culture. Its collections include all kinds of material and its holdings are largely enriched through acquisitions: purchase, copyright, donation and exchange.


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Uncdf specialized in africa and arab world in general and of the protectorate of Spain in Morocco in particular

Recuerdo del viaje de la embajada española a Marruecos en 1894

Bibliographies and catalogues, spanish and foreign funds. Launched in the second half of the 19th century


The presence of twenty-six editions of don quixote printed in english at the 17th century and valuable editions of the twentieth century.

L'ingénieux hidalgo Don Quichotte de la Manche
Children's book

Bibliographies, specialised reference works, library catalogues, monographs, etc.

Ilustración de Juanito y Margarita
Latin America

The core of the modern Latin American holdings (which includes the Philippines for historical reasons) comprises the collection of the former Latin America Department, created in 1949 and dissolved in 1992.

Habana. Vista del puerto y de la Ciudad
Library science

This collection specialises in Library Science, Documentation, Archive and Museum Sciences.


Dramatic works, booklets belonging to the gender of the lyrical theatre, studies on theatre, and subsequently funds related to the cinema

La dama boba