Download with Z39.50

The Biblioteca Nacional offers the option of accessing its databases via the Z39.50 search protocol. Before using this service you are recommended to read the Technical Information. 

Z39.50 is an international standard for information retrieval based on the client/server structure which facilitates the connection between computer systems. It makes it possible for systems using different hardware and software to communicate with each other. It allows simultaneous searches to be performed on multiple databases using a single user interface, as well as retrieving information, ordering it and exporting bibliographic records.

Users can jointly access the Biblioteca Nacional database using any Z39.50 client.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please send a message to: email


Información Técnica

Server name
Machine name
Port 2200
Authentication No es necesario
Availability 24 horas 7 días
Server version 3
Supported Services



result set,named

result set

Supported Databases Unicorn
Attribute set BIB-1
Set of characters UTF-8
Record syntax MARC21 y XML
Record Composition FULL