The Biblioteca Nacional is the main information and document centre on Spanish and Ibero-American written, graphic and audiovisual culture. Its collections include all kinds of material and its holdings are largely enriched through acquisitions: purchase, copyright, donation and exchange.


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Ex Libris

Exceptional collection for the quality and quantity of their works, a spanish artists, but the majority of engravers foreigners were dedicated to this field of art in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

[Ex libris de Manuel  Godoy]
Modern book

This collection consists of printed works in spain it receives under intellectual property laws and the law on Legal Deposit, and it increases regularly through purchase, exchange or donation, in accordance with the criteria established for the development of the collections throughout its history.

Libro moderno
Interactive books

Through the use of innovative digital tools, the Biblioteca Nacional offers value the jewels in their collections.

Libros interactivos
Library archive

This archive conserves documents it has produced and received since it was founded in 1712, as the Biblioteca Real, through to today.

Mobile applications

Scolar bne, Second canvas and interactive el Quijote BNE, mobile applications

Aplicaciones móviles

Furniture, sculptures, musical instruments, music equipment mechanics, typewriters and industrial equipment related to the arts of the book

Imagen de la colección Histórico-artística