Known as post-incunables to printed books in europe in the first two decades of the 16th century, between 1501 and 1520. Very similar to those incunabula in content and formal characteristics, they were the initial printing to the 1500s, now fully entrenched as carrier vehicle.

Despite their similarity to the incunabula, post-incunables have been markedly less studied that recent and often limited to tipobibliografías dedicated to specific locations, and there are no search tools equivalent to those databasesIncunabula ShortTitle CatalogueorGesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke, aspiring to collect all known incunabula. In the area of production, both F.J. peninsular Norton as julián Martín Abad yes i have devoted extensive catalogues.

The collection of DONATIONS, with 2,170 editions and 3.753 copies, it is a great wealth and variety and covers all documentary typology of this period early printing: works of religious content, treaties of medicine, law and science, literary or printed under different type (administrative and legislative provisions, poetic solicitation documents, documentation pontificia, etc.).

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