Posters of shows, parties and other events

The posters of spectacles experience a moment of glory in the second half of the nineteenth century, with the rise of the bourgeoisie, which you can dedicate more time and resources to leisure and cultural consumption. We are already wallpaper the streets of the main urban centres with numerous posters to promote leisure activities such as bullfights, theater, circus, music hall, varietés, dances, sports events, carnivals, parties etc.

In these posters can be seen, the graphical and content of the different Eras. While posters designed in The past had as main objective to provide purely practical information, to be posters typography prevailed, with the advent of cromolitografía the image becomes the focus of attention and artists in the medium of expression in the works to the general public. In this case, advertises a object, but rather a sense that will endure in the memory of those who can obtain an entry, emotions, which sold the poster is using the stylistic and technical resources of each time.

The collection of posters of film, theatre and other performances are closely linked with other documents are kept by the library as hand programmes, which were a preview of what the spectators were to be able to enjoy and covers of sound recordings and broadcast media in disks, cassetes, videos, etc.