Accounts of events

The accounts of events are printed a few pages where they spake key developments that occurred in any part of the known world that could raise the interest and curiosity of the reader. These documents, which are the seeds of the press, were successful in the 17th century, but began to be published very soon driven by the new routes of post and the invention of printing.

Its subject matter is very diverse: war where episodes were battles land or sea, sieges, surrenders, etc. There is also a large number of procedural formalities and festivities, especially of those dedicated to him which attracted the interest of the court, from weddings real and births of princes to travel and funeral. About phenomena of nature are stories of the devastation caused by earthquakes, volcanoes or floods. Of religious subject stories abound on conversions, agonies, indictments, miracles faith or religious holidays. It Also raised great curiosity the stories of facts fabulous, such as the emergence of monstrous beings or fantastic.

Printed copies of poor quality and designed to inform and entertain with nearby developments over time, were designed not to be retained in great numbers. However, thanks to collectors, book lovers and historians have preserved for various reasons, the BNE has a collection that exceeds 4,000 editions. In the formation of this fund highlights three figures: el cronista portuguese Jerónimo Mascarenhas, that the collected together with other documentation for its work; the cronística bibliófilo Pascual of Gayangos, whose library housed more than 1,000 printed editions of relations; and the librarian Alenda Gennaro, scholar of relations and on holidays and rest upon stimulating the creation of a Room of Several, who pushed for the accession of many of these copies.

Although not quality or literary material, are valuable sources for the history, philology, sociology or the history of art, among other academic disciplines, as their consideration can be viewed from different points of view.


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