Advertising posters

The advertising or commercial poster aims mainly at the sale of goods or the dissemination of a commercial establishment. To achieve this employs concise messages and images appealing shoots. In this type of posters the image is the main thing and the more striking is the better to achieve its intended objective.

Almost from the outset of its existence the poster is a means of easy access, as the message is sent directly. It is present in the street, which is part of the street furniture, reflecting the interests and tastes of a society in a time-bound. Both the most prestigious establishments in as small shops printing posters to promote their businesses and products and these posters were made both in an advertising and decorative objects.

The business cartels are part of the library collection since its inception, to be one of the oldest known and of Chocolates Matías López, printed towards 1871.

In many business cartels do not see the name of the illustrator, either by explicit prohibition of splash house, or by the low prestige that it had the advertising world until the mid-19th century. However, there are examples of relevant artists as Ramón Casas, Rafael de Penagos, Gustavo Bacarisas, Jules Cheret, Gaspar Camps, etc., illustrate some of the best-known business cartels.

There are many different types of billboards as products may diffuse. We Can classify them according to the type of establishment and products that are promoting. Broadly speaking, within the collection of posters, we find with posters of food and beverages, posters and placards fashion and gift shop, tobacco, perfumes and others.