Religious music

Despite its civilian origin the Biblioteca Nacional de españa a reflection of our history, has met its more than three centuries a rich collection of bibliographic and documentary sources.

The Catholic Church was, in the middle ages to the nineteenth century, the major focus of production and consumption of music of our country and, therefore, should surprise no one that funds from our library also document the liturgical music and musical practices of the church. However, despite its importance, these collections are not counted among the most known of the BNE.

In its task of preserving and disseminating this heritage the library has scanned the majority of its sources, already available in the Digital library Hispánica, and has also developed a software application designed specifically for the mapping of gregorianas melodies. The music department leads and audiovisual years working in the detailed description of the sources with the aim not only to learn more about our collection, but also to facilitate research tools of the repertoire of gregorian chant and show a bibliographic description of the model that would improve the cataloguing and therefore accessibility of musical collections.